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Wrote 1 month ago

A highly customized server made by a well-known and trusted developer. It has features that is absolutely unique to this server. You can customize your own character endlessly with headgears and unique "card system" called materias that has custom effects. The server also has custom unique weapons that is tuned up to be as balanced as it can be. You will never run out of Quest or Material grinding as theres an NPC that has special deals that buys different items in a specific timeframe, Monster Hunter Quest, Unlimited Headgear Quest. Headgears dont have theyre materia place holders. That means you can dress up your character however you like! Updates have been really fast as well bugs fixed within 24 hours. Excellent staff support. Donations are almost nonexistent and doesnt promote any competitive advantages. Custom dungeons custom MVP's everything is customized to the fullest extent! Come join in!

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Donation Score 5 Excellent
Update Score 5 Excellent
Classes Score 5 Excellent
Items Score 5 Excellent
Support Score 5 Excellent
Hosting Score 5 Excellent
Content Score 5 Excellent
Event Score 5 Excellent