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Wrote 1 month ago

I have been playing this game for I think more than a month already. At first, I really have high hopes for this server, I really enjoyed their events like the crack the pub, Hide and seek, , the BB event, the shower event (items give away), RFYL, the Happy Hour etc. The creativity they have in creating such events have me hooked to this game. Add to that the excitement when you get rare cards ( they have 1% chance for MVP cards) specifically those with high values and/or those you can use to create costumes. Lastly, the enjoyment I feel when playing with my friends and the friends I gained in the game. I sincerely enjoyed this game but that was turned into frustration because of the lapses I have observed and experienced. GMs still play the game and following what heart went oops said this is prone to abuse. The safety ring that is supposed to be def +3 and mdef +3 had been edited with I think 25% damage reduction by God knows who. The BG set had also an effect of damage reduction. So, adding two safety rings plus BG set plus any equipment that reduces damage what do you get? Almost unkillable player. The safety ring has been abused by some for a long time. But when discovered by other players they changed the script. I think changes can be influenced by and for the benefit of some. There was a time when they just change the script without prior notice to players, this happened a few days ago when they made changes for I think 4~6 times. This caused confusion to the players. But still kudos to them, after all changes have been made final they made their announcement. I don’t have a comment on the economy - even it took me a number of boss hunts, joining on ET and evading those PKers who hoards boss card for themselves - since I like the challenge it brings to me. With this, I hope the admins prevents this from happening again and make playing dogsxRO worthwhile for all the players. P.S I have played many ROs but this is the first time I left a review for one, maybe because of the frustration on my expectations on this server.

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Record Score Grade
Donation Score 5 Excellent
Update Score 2 Bad
Classes Score 1 Terrible
Items Score 2 Bad
Support Score 3 Ok
Hosting Score 5 Excellent
Content Score 3 Ok
Event Score 5 Excellent


Wrote 1 month ago

I have been playing in the server for a month or two already. First of all the good experience I have with the game: 1. Great and friendly players to play with. 2. Balance of donators and non-donators in the game. Everything you can buy in the shop you can get in the quest and by farming. 3. Good server hosting. 4. Some of the events were good and it was lots of fun. Here comes my bad experiences: 1. Donation takes some time for them to credit the donation. I donated twice and had the donation credited to me manually by GMs giving my PODs the next day. 2. Poor staff support, I have asked for some questions on their page but it takes time for the staff to reply or even worse not even replying at all. 3. Poor GM professionalism, GMs still play the game and even abuse their power even on stream, ie: GM intentionally view players equipment without their consent and show it to everyone on stream. And we know what happens when GMs still play the game as players, they tend to favor their friends and guildmates and even use @item for their own team. 4. Poor GMs decision-making skills, as I said from item number 3 GMs tend to side with their friends and thus having a toward bias towards them in making updates, ie. BG set items have passive ghost property when it was released, only few donators where there so they managed to test and noticed the passive ghost property later on, then they turned it back to the original script, then turn it back again to ghost as requested by their friends and when people came to know back to the original script. 5. GMs abuse of power, they have editted some script that favors their friends. ie. they have hidden some scripts on some items nobody knows but them and their friends and use it to their benefits. Safety ring supposedly has only +3def and mdef, but in this instance they put at least 20% reduction hidden on the item. And people came to know and they change the script. 6.Poor WOE/PVP experience we have two types of WOE classic and with costume and MVP. For reasons stated above there are some characters that cannot be killed even by more than 20 people attacking him with several champs using Asura strike to him and thus they always win the WOE and PVP events. 7. Poor economy, MVP cards are hoarded by players who are friends by the gm, so there is not much circulation and supply of Cards in the game. Especially quest cards that is used for end game items. Prices are way overpriced. And sometimes even if you have zeny you can not buy the item you need. 8. Legal RMT, main source of having a bad economy. Even GMs are selling items through RMT, the cards they hoard are also being sold only via RMT. So no circulation and zeny circulates in the economy. All in all, let this be a wake-up call to the developers and especially the owner Akosidogie to man up and fix these issues. Players are already quitting as for the reasons and issues stated above. Thank you and that’s all i have to say. - myheartwentoops

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Record Score Grade
Donation Score 3 Ok
Update Score 3 Ok
Classes Score 1 Terrible
Items Score 3 Ok
Support Score 2 Bad
Hosting Score 5 Excellent
Content Score 2 Bad
Event Score 4 Good